Libra Personality

Easily the most pleasant and beautiful of all zodiac signs.

Librans possess natural charm in abundance and an easy going manner that makes things they desire, quite easily accessible to them.

Compassionate, generous and diplomatic, you will find people always ready to do you favours.
Of course, you too will be equally helpful when they need you.

You are most apt to postpone difficult decisions for as long as possible than face unsavoury situations. You are like the pair of measuring scales that represent this zodiac sign; most of the times it is balanced, but then when the scales tilt, the Libran can be quarrelsome, restless, superficial, vain, confused, or even depressed.

Then mysteriously it levels out and all is well, balance is achieved, the easygoing nature, the charm, the sense of humour and tact that will win you new friends and keep those other admirers happy.

And by the way, try to be a little more tolerant towards those who make snap decisions or seem impulsive, because not everyone is Libran.


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