oleh Amie Hamazakie Agustine
look so good today
When you’re sitting there its hard for me to look away
So i try find the words that i could say
I know distance doesnt matter ,, but you feel so far away. . .

You look so good today
its like everytime i turn around i see you’re face
The thing i miss the most is waking up next to you
When i look into you’re eyes ,, i wish that i could say. . .

And i can lie
Everytime i leave my heart turns gray
And i want to comeback home to see you’re face
And i cause i just cant take it. . .

Another day without you with me
Is like a blade that cuts right trough me
but i can wait

When you call my heart stops beating
When you’re gone it wont stops bleading
but i can wait

I know it feels like forever
I guess thats just the price i gotta pay
But when i comeback home to feel your touch makes it better
There’s nothing else that i can do
And i just can’t take it
I just can’t take it. . .


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